Where to Stay in Sidemen Bali: A Guide to the 5 Best Places to Stay in Sidemen

A trip to Sidemen, Bali is not complete without booking a stay at one of the best Sidemen, Bali hotel options. This guide offers five options that the everyday traveler can enjoy, from charming resort-like stays to relaxing options for accommodation in Sidemen, Bali.

Sidemen, Bali is a special place that immediately captures any traveler’s heart. The lush natural greenery, Balinese culture, and rice paddies spread through the area curate a magical experience that is second to none.

Villa Uma Dewi is a getaway for visitors who want to be immersed in Balinese culture away from the typical resort atmosphere. Guests are offered a choice between staying in two buildings on the property, each nearly identical with traditional yet contemporary styles. Step into the magic of Bali by booking a stay at Villa Uma Dewi Sri with a shared infinity pool, a private terrace overlooking breathtaking nature views, and fresh food served daily.

Our hidden oasis surrounded by nature and immersed in local daily life is favoured by independent travellers and honeymooners. We do understand though that some do prefer a more mainstream hotel experience, so we’ve prepared the below list of options for the best hotel to stay in Sidemen. Skip the hotel search and try one of these Sidemen hotels during your next trip to Bali.

Hotels in Sidemen

5 Best Places To Stay in Sidemen

Surya Shanti Villa

Situated at the base of Mount Agung between rice terraces, this boutique hotel is ideal for travellers seeking a stay in rooms inspired by art. Each available home offers incredible views from its private balcony. Select between a view of the outdoor pool, Mount Agung, South Bali, or the lush terrain.
You’ll find air-conditioned rooms, a spa, restaurant, bar, multiple pools, and attentive staff onsite. You’ll enjoy a stay at Surya Shanti Villa if you prefer a hotel-like stay.


Surya Shanti Villa Sidemen

The Samanvaya Resort is an adults-only luxury stay in Bali that features a private, comfortable stay. During a getaway at Samanvaya, you can enjoy excursions scheduled by the hotel. These excursions offer a trip to the rice fields, cascading waterfalls, or simply exploration through Sidemen, Bali.
Onsite, there’s a spa offering customised treatments to help you relax even more thoroughly. While you can mingle with the locals and learn about the culture by attending ceremonies, you won’t be fully immersed in the Balinese culture like at Villa Uma Dewi.

Wapa Di Ume Sidemen

Wapa Di Ume Sidemen

Nestled against Mt. Agung lies this 5-star boutique hotel offering a panoramic view of Bali’s wonderful nature scenes. This hotel is found in east Bali, nearby popular attractions like the Traditional Klungkung Market and Candidasa (Bali’s eastern coast).
You can select from options like a Honeymoon or a Secluded package for a more luxurious stay. A spa, yoga pavilion, and fitness center are only a few modern amenities available here. With an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the incredible scenery, you’ll feel rejuvenated and relaxed during a stay at Wapa Di Ume Sidemen.

Patal Kikian Villas

With a slogan like “Live like a king,” it’s easy to imagine the luxurious amenities afforded to you when staying at the Patal Kikian Villas. These villas, set in the heart of Sidemen, offer friendly service, fresh air, and incredible panoramic views of Sidemen and Mount Agung from atop Patal Kikian Hill.
Each villa comes with complimentary services like Wi-Fi, a delicious breakfast spread each morning and a free shuttle service from the airport to the villas. Adventurous tours are available through Patal Kikian Villas, like bicycle tours and rafting.

Villa Iseh

Once the retreat of the infamous Walter Spies, an artist known throughout Bali, Villa Iseh now hosts travellers who wish to stay in the same rooms that Walter did. He created an art cooperative that aided in forming current Balinese art. Evidence of his accomplishments is spread throughout the villa.

This villa is a more private stay, with only three suites available. A pool, free Wi-Fi, fresh mineral water, and recently renovated accommodations will make anyone feel relaxed at Villa Iseh. All-day coffee and tea room service are available during a stay at Villa Iseh.

Live like a Balinese King and Queen

Stay with us at Villa Uma Dewi Sri and have a holiday like a Balinese royalty. Thoroughly soak up the vibrant culture of Sidemen. Here, comfort and nature combine to form an indescribable experience as you wake up to the breathtaking Bali sun each morning.

Hotel Sidemen - Bali - Villa Uma Dewi Sri - Morning views over the rice fields with Mount Agung as a backdrop

While enjoying our home, you can truly live at the typical Bali pace. As you adjust to Bali life, you can “sabar,” as they say in Bali, meaning “take it easy,” and feel the daily stress melt away.

Experience with us a unique Bali holiday. Surrounded by nature in a traditional yet contemporary accommodation right in front of Sidemen’s beautiful rice fields.

Villa Uma Dewi Sri is not your typical Holiday Villa or Hotel in Sidemen. It is a magical experience for independent travellers that like to be up close with balinese nature and local village live in a truly rural setting without missing out on comfort.

Check our availability and secure the best nightly rates by booking with us directly here from our website.

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