Instead of Ubud go to Sidemen

The only regret that most people have that come the first time to Sidemen is that they haven’t stayed longer.

Since not long ago Sidemen used to be a one night stop for many that did go to or came from the Gili Islands via the harbour in Padang Bai. Yet Sidemen has so much to offer and many locals and Bali experts say that Sidemen is what Ubud used to be a 30 years ago.


Bali’s most photographed Instagram spots are only a short ride away.

Some of Bali’s most photographed Instagram spots like the famous “Gates of Heaven” at Lempuyang Temple or Tirta Gangga Water Palace with its clear pools full of Koi fish are only a short ride away. Best of all, the streets here are empty and mender through wonderful, untouched Balinese landscapes.


A healthy choice of cute and romantic restaurants.

There aren’t many fancy restaurants and bars here and certainly no nightlife. Nevertheless, there is a healthy choice of cute and romantic eateries along the main road of Tebola village which is where most of the accommodations in Sidemen are located.


Sidemen Rice Field Trekking

One thing that is certainly not to miss when visiting Sidemen is to have a walk through its beautiful rice fields. Many of those walks lead along the traditional irrigation system, called “Subak”, that Balinese farmers use since hundreds of years to channel water from the mountains to their fields.

Ever present on these walks is the river “Telaga Waja” flowing with its clear water through Sidemen Valley. A wonderful rest and swimming spot and a social gathering place for the locals that come there in the evening to take a bath and wash their clothes just like they did a hundred years ago.


Sidemen Traditional Weavers

Sidemen is also known for its traditional weaving using a technique called “Endek” or “Songket”. Silver and golden threads along with cotton are combined to make sarongs that can take months to be finished. Those are mainly used for ceremonial purposes but their beauty and quality also make for an exceptional souvenir to take home.


Sidemen Location & Climate

Sidemen’s climate deserves a special mention. Located in a valley that climbs up to the volcano Gunung Agung the area is among the best places to enjoy fresher temperatures, often accompanied by a light breeze, compared to the coastal areas of Bali. Ideal for daytime outdoor activities and a good nights rest, snuggled into blankets, in the cool mountain air.

Sidemen - Highlights

Nice walks through the rice fields, villages and local markets. The traditional weaving plants of Sidemen.

Sidemen - Places to eat


  • Samanvaya Rice Barn Restaurant
  • Wapa Di Ume Restaurant & Bar


  • Sawah Indah Restaurant
  • Warung Melita Sidemen


  • Lihat Sawah Warnung
  • Rad-Ha Warung

Sidemen - Places to visit

  • Sidemen Rice Fields (Map)
  • Pura Bukit Sangkan Gunung Temple (Map)
  • Pelangi Traditional Weaving (Map)
  • Kupu Kupu Traditional Weaving (Map)
  • Sidemen Traditional Market (Map)

Sidemen - Nearby

*click on the minutes to open Google Maps for those locations.

Read before you go

Following some nice articles and posts from fellow travelers and their experiences while in Sidemen.


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