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We tell you nothing new when we say: “It was a difficult year”.  Just like many others around the globe we hardly have seen any visitors but, as probably many accommodations in Bali, we too have received a few messages from bloggers and influencers which offered to us their collaboration.

We where sceptic… What could it help considering how short-lived social media content is and the fact that hardly any tourists are on the island. We thought that the only visitors we could attract would be more “Celegrams” like we call them here in Indonesia. A combination of the words “Celebrity” and “Instagram”.


Well, let us turn that around today, so read on to find out what we are offering to all those lucky enough to be in Bali these days.


Today we came across a post form one influencer on Facebook in which they where looking for Bali businesses that would want to collaborate with them. Here is what we commented on their post:


Hi, would you be willing to pay the regular price for a stay / service and we donate the money to a local charity / organisation in order to support those who have been hit badly by this current crises?


Guess, what? The person said yes! Horay!!! Not all influencers and bloggers are only freeloaders as some opinions throughout social media like to say. That is not what we think anyway, yet, just as everywhere, it is always only a few rotten apples that manage to spoil it for all. So let’s not generalise 🙂


Animated by this positive experience we want to take this a step further and towards all those still lucky enough to be in a position of doing something for those less fortunate.


All that by simply doing what we do like best: Travel and staying in beautiful places!


Together we might be able to set a good example and maybe even start a little movement of charity and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Think about the following:
Guest (Influencer or normal guest) pays regular price, establishment donates full or part of the income to a local charity.


  • If you are an influencer / blogger you have reach and your followers and subscribers do look up to you. So if you do something extraordinary you most likely not only get more followers but certainly your followers will love you for that and they might follow your lead.
  • If you are a villa, hotel, restaurant or bar we know all to well that you had a hard time this past year to keep your staff employed and your place maintained. But maybe you still have some resources and are able to donate part of the money towards a good cause. You will get exposure for doing a good deed which in return brings you more guests to support you, your staff and your cause.
  • The charities would not only get a donation but they too will get more exposure for their cause on social media which in return will get them more attention and hopefully more donations in order for them to continue their projects and help.
  • Last but not least the ones in need, the ones who lost their jobs and income, the ones who don’t know anymore how to feed their family. They will benefit the most from those kind of collaborations and will have more support and resources during these difficult times. To them, we are certain, our donations will make a profound and lasting difference!


Maybe we are missing something as it almost sounds too good to be true, but from our angle it seems that everybody can benefit from such a collaboration. Open to suggestions as certainly we don’t know it all.


Without further ado, this is our proposal for a collaboration with all of you. Influencers or not, it doesn’t matter.


Every night you stay with us your help can feed an entire family for one week or more.


We will be donating 50% of our current standard nightly rate to a Balinese charity of your choice. With this, for every night you stay with us a considerable amount is going towards a good cause and can f.e. feed an entire family for one week or more.

(Please understand, this isn’t possible for the discounted packages we have on our website as those already include services provided by local people like massages, trekking tours etc. Each package does give some work and income which directly benefits our local community.)


If you are not sure what local charities are there in Bali, following a list, which certainly isn’t a complete but is a good starting point: BALI CHARITIES – COVID 19 ASSISTANCE DATABASE. This database is a work in progress and Balinese charities, organisations and individuals who would like to be included can use our form at Bali Charities Covid 19 Form to submit their information.

For everyone staying and donating we will share / tag them on our social media, mentioning the amount donated and we will also tag the charity (if they have social media accounts). This way everybody can be sure that all is legit and the donation goes in its entirety to where it is needed.


In return we will ask you to do the same on your social media accounts. Tag the charity and us on Instagram and Facebook in your posts and stories. This way we can raise awareness and support together for all those who are less fortunate.


Thank you for reading   this far and we are looking forward to your input and support. Hopefully you like our idea and hopefully there will be many copy cats for this, lets call it Social Careration (Care + Collaboration. Don’t we just love to make up new words 😀 )


PS: If you can’t donate or simply are not in Bali these days but you would like to help, please share this post with your friends and family. We and the Balinese people will be forever grateful!



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